Storyteller Speak by Beth Ann

Weaver of tales do tell
tell of some pleasanter stories
than I've been prone to know
bring others forth
and following a stone cobbled road

like a clever ancient hare

leap up

quick        with gleeful wisdom

In every        jump

hop        about hesitation

then stop and stare
from the tallest rock
make yourself a statue furry
stare down incivility smiling
and shout

I am the weaver of tales

then stop and stare
then speak.


Beth Ann is a poet who still likes to eat, so she is often found dodging traffic and tourists while commuting to a part-time job. You can follow her on Twitter, @themirthfulpen, where she tweets about games, writing, and random silliness.

Bay Laurel  /  Volume 3, Issue 1  / Spring 2014