Editor's Note
Bay Laurel  /  Volume 3, Issue 1  /  Spring 2014
April 1, 2014
Austin, Texas, U.S.A.
Dear Readers,
             I'm so grateful Timothy created Bay Laurel, so honored that he asked me to be a part of it, and so excited he's finally out of the way and it's mine. All mine!
             I'm kidding. Well, I'm kidding about him being out of the way and it being all mine. I meant the other stuff.
             Pulling together my first issue of Bay Laurel as acting editor-in-chief has been a wonderful experience, and it's so flattering that Tim would trust me with such a responsibility. Given that he was so good at keeping order, giving responses to our submitters, and all in all everything you could want in an editor-in-chief, I've had some big shoes to fill.
             I could go on and on about how awesome Tim is and how much fun I've had with this issue, but as much as you might kind of, sort of like me, I'm sure you're here for the really good stuff so I'll just get to it.
            This is another short issue of Bay Laurel, but I know you'll like what you find. We're very excited to have Kristina England back in what is now her third issue of Bay Laurel. She's joined in this issue by Beth Ann, Tom Harding and Jessica Barksdale. This was a difficult submission period, we had many submissions, but these four really stood out from the rest. These authors have something special and I'm happy they shared it with us.
Thank you for reading,
AJ Reyes
Acting Editor-In-Chief
and Social Media Coordinator