A Song for Autumn by Anna Betts

This is our song

The one neither of us hears

This is our song, our beat the rhythm of our dance

The one we ignore

This is our song

Now playing in the rush of our lives

Ordinary-its hum just beneath our currents

Moving in different directions now

Not then, when life was a cool crisp autumn morning

Our sound crunching under footsteps fresh fallen

This is our sound

It echo left behind in our silence-our absence

This is our song, its lyrics fading, curling around the edges becoming yellow

Our song

The melody faint

Barely a whisper in the roar of our storm

Our song arranged and perfectly orchestrated

The on we use to sing to each other

For each other, our wish

Boxes with pretty bows piled on an afternoon in another autumn

This is our song

The one we can barely remember

Just a tune stuck in both of our heads

Repeating itself till we connect, the music complete and it becomes ours

This is where we are

Caught in the notes spilling off a blank page

Lost in jumbled rushing thoughts

This is who we are

Wandering and wondering which way is out

Bright red exit signs hidden in moments racing towards

Hours, days, decades

Now we seem to be here-an unknown piece of our whole

This is who we are now

An evening in autumn miles between us

This is where we are moving-away from our song.

This is our dance

Steps carefully cautiously planned

This is our dance

The one we use to know

Clinging to each other

Gliding across dreams, promises and good wishes

This is our dance

The one sealed with a kiss once upon a time

Now we can’t remember the steps our carefully planned movements through many autumns

Our dance

You and me- young enough to be in sync.

This is our sound

Full of lace white and new

Our sound, never reaching

Lost in cool, soon colder winds

Our sound rustling in unexpected warmth then silenced in the quickness of frost

This is our sound
The one beckoning to us from across different spaces

Anna Betts was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She was and still is, quiet, shy and introverted. She discovered her talent for writing early, beginning with a diary and a few short stories, poetry came a bit later. She completed the standard requirements of childhood, which included education. It was in high school where the dream to become a playwright was born. She first majored in theatre then changed to journalism, graduating from Webster University. She then followed the usual path of adulthood, marriage and children. Until recently she worked in the customer service field and is currently writing full time. She has two completed poetry collections, an untitled collection of short stories, and one day hopes to finish her science fiction novel. As with most writers she dreams to be published, more importantly to be heard.

Bay Laurel  /  Volume 2, Issue 2  /  Summer 2013