Editor's Note
Bay Laurel  |  Vol. 2, Iss. 4  |  Winter 2013-'14

January 24, 2014
San Marcos, Texas, U.S.A.
Dear Readers, 

I apologize in advance for the bittersweet sentimentality of this note. I’ll try not to get this digital paper wet with my cyber-tears.

For me, 2013 was a year of change. I moved, as I related in my last editor’s note, to a new town, and began graduate studies in creative writing. I have fallen madly in love with this program, and have met so many very dear people here. Sadly, I’ve come to realize that, between my studies, my own writing life, and the untidy business of living in “the real world,” I’ve created a temporary situation in which I’m unable to devote the time and attention to Bay Laurel that our readers and writers deserve. It isn’t fair to you, or to my fellow staff members, and I regret any inconvenience or distress I’ve caused as a result.

             In light of these facts, AJ Reyes, our associate editor par excellence and resident wizard, will assume the role of acting editor-in-chief, at least until I graduate. If you have kept up with Bay Laurel’s development, you know that AJ has been instrumental in our little operation from the very beginning. He approaches the editorial process with passion and flair, and I have every confidence that his time running this journal will be a period of unprecedented quality. I look forward to seeing the ideas and improvements he has in store for Bay Laurel. Owing to his expertise with all things internety and gregarious, he will also serve as our social media coordinator. I will continue to assist, both in the decision process and with moral support, but he will be your acting big cheese, your skipper, your head honcho, your numero uno.  

I want to thank you, dear readers and contributors, for making this first year-and-a-half of Bay Laurel’s existence a wonderful one. I have been privileged to read dozens and dozens of stories, poems, and even an essay or two, that I might never have seen otherwise. And even though many didn’t end up in our pages, I am thankful for each and every submission.

With that out of the way, let me introduce this issue. It is, for better or worse, our shortest issue yet. The decision process was perhaps more difficult than usual, and we spent a lot of time deliberating. Our efforts were rewarded with an issue that we hope you'll really enjoy. We're thrilled to have past contributor Volodymyr Bilyk returning to our pages with a new poem, along with exciting Bay Laurel debuts from Claire Boyce, Erin McGrath, and Yazmin Ramirez. But enough of me. I'll let these talented writers speak for themselves.

Thank you for reading,

Timothy Connor Dailey
Founder and Editor-in-Chief