A Blurb About The Burb$ by Daniel Klawitter

It is easy to get lost here without a map
among the Whispering Pines and
Lazy Lake Lanes—

All these ironic street names
that recall nothing if not the nature
this sprawling beast has bought

and replaced with acres
of white-washed crap.

I turn the corner on Grazing Deer Drive
But all I see are upper-class zombies
washing their cars in the cul-de-sac. 


Daniel Klawitter, among other things, has been an actor, a singer/lyricist for the indie folk-rock band Mining for Rain, and a union organizer for mental health care workers.  His poems have been published in numerous respectable literary journals and magazines both in the United States and in England, including: The Atonal Poetry Review, Focus, The Journal of South Texas English Studies, QuietMountain: New Feminist Essays, and Shot Glass Journal.   A member of the Colorado Poets Center, he has also published two poetry chapbooks, Runaway Muse and An Epistemology Of Flesh, available on Amazon.com (link).

Bay Laurel  /  Volume 2, Issue 3  /  Autumn 2013