Icons of a Sort by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

Like most men Monte has his moments, kept inside
his left shirt pocket with his smokes, and I learned in time
to not buy shirts for his birthday without pockets
―unloved but for Good Will.

He gave me a 1955 Norma Jean nudie calendar in 1981
because it was my birth year and she was an icon of her time
by any name.  And when I turned 50 he blew off the whole day
to spend antiquing; said he wanted to get me something
at least as old.

To claim the symbolic gift, he haggled hard with the dealer,
Sally Rand's autograph barely visible across her round rump
and big white feather fan.  Curves I could relate with attached to
a 1920s bobbed perm profile―compared I thought my hairstyle
and softer lip color a younger look.

Monte got his signed Sally for just under fifty dollars; the men
shook hands.  I still maintain we should have rummaged a costume shop
for a big white fan.

Wanda Morrow Clevenger lives in Hettick, IL––population 200, give or take.
She used to keep birds but they kept committing suicide, so now she randomly
kills orchids. For access to more of her works in progress, visit: http://wlc-wlcblog.blogspot.com.

Bay Laurel  /  Volume 2, Issue 1  /  Spring 2013