Touching Your Facebook by Jacob Woods

Every time I want to see your face.
I go to Facebook.
Because I feel like more of a freak.
Showing up on your door step.
There's something soothing about.
You not knowing.
I'm creepishly checking you out.

Every time I want to touch your face.
I go to Facebook.
And I take my fingers and rub them over the hard of my computer.
The moisture between my fingerprints and the screen, incessantly squeaking.
All over your face.

If I imagine hard enough.
I begin to feel the softness of your skin and flesh.
And when I turn around, there you are standing.
So, I reach out, and touch your face.
Because touching your face on Facebook, isn't as wonderful, as feeling it in person.

Jacob Woods studies sociology at Hamline University in St. Paul Minnesota. He is addicted to taking creative writing classes and might major in that as well. He keeps a blog at Good as Gay where he blabbers about LGBTQ soup things and other intellectual matters that concern him.

Bay Laurel  /  Volume 1, Issue 2  /  Winter 2012