Editor's Note
Bay Laurel  |  Vol. 1, Iss. 2  |  Winter 2012
December 21, 2012
Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

Dear Readers,

     Happy Wintertime! The solstice is upon us. There are those among us who believe that today will be the very last hurrah of human existence, maybe even the end of the universe as we know it. Throwing caution to the wind, we defiantly present our Winter 2012 Issue.

     Beyond all the hype and doomsaying, this is, as it has always been, a season of reflection. It is a time to appreciate the things we have and the people we love. It should be a time of joy.

     But friends, I write to you from a nation divided by ideology. I wanted to address recent events here; the bitter strife of the election, the uneasy return to a state of semi-normalcy, the unspeakable tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. But I have no words that haven't already been said. Instead, let us look forward to a new year, with its boundless promise, its infinite possibility. Let us remember the sorrows of the past, but not at the expense of the future.

   This, too, is a season to celebrate. We at Bay Laurel would like to wish you a very happy wintertime. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy belated Hanukkah, Joyful Kwanzaa, Jolly Good Boxing Day, Blessed Solstice, Felicitous Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, Splendid Saturnalia-- whatever you celebrate (or don't), we hope you have a wonderful winter.

     Now to the matter at hand: Issue 2! We have fourteen marvelous works to share with you this time around. We posted our Call for Submissions on a couple of sites around the interwebs, but apparently the most effective one was our post at Lambda Literary. As a result, a majority of the poems and stories in this issue explore elements of the queer experience. But I'm going to let these fascinating works speak for themselves. Please do enjoy. Happy Whatever!

Thank you for reading,
Timothy Connor Dailey
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

P.S. While the stories and poems in this issue were carefully chosen, publication itself was somewhat rushed. Please excuse errors, format issues, etc. Thanks!