Bay Laurel  /  Volume 1, Issue 1  /  Autumn 2012

Dedicated in Loving Memory to
Edward L. Shirley
Professor, Philosopher, Friend
1953 - 2012

Editor's Note from Timothy Connor Dailey

Life Afterlife by Stephen Logsdon 

Rejection Letter by Daniel Klawitter

Self Portrait in Places by Bonnilee Kaufman

Frith's First by Matt Whitman 

Afternoon Café by Candyce Byrne

Side Airbags by Michael Mira

Once I Dreamed of Athens by Matt Whitman

edna, TX by Nicole Seligman

Thinking Of My Pirate by Daniel Klawitter

Children Who Kill Their Pets Do Not Always Become Serial Killers (But Sometimes They Do) by Angela R. Lindfors

Eleusis by Candyce Byrne

I drank campfires by Matt Whitman

The Pink House on Wilmes Dr by Nicole Seligman

Tokidoki by Angela R. Lindfors

Suppose We Are Leviathan by Candyce Byrne